Nove: “Creating pants which will make a person look beyond beauty”. With such thoughts by the designer Ryoichi Aoki, every process in order to create his pants has a meaning. He spent 5 years to form the ideal image of what the brand focuses, which are the pants. Entering himself in the field to see the scene and learn from the respected craftsman the technologies and the silhouettes that had been pursued by them for decades, he was able to form what he had visioned. Furthermore, NOVE has the characteristic that can “Distressing how you want on to a silhouette of what you want”. You will be able to create your ideal pants by combining the 9 proposed silhouette with dozens of kinds of proposed distressing. Reason for “9” came from the brand name NOVE. NOVE will continue to purse silhouettes and distressing while creating pants that will be loved by people around the world.



Ryoichi Aoki is attracted to the profundity in which denim has 1990 's the time of the unprecedented vintage boom colored sensationally and that is why he entered in the fashion industry. He got a better grasp of denim through activity as a designer, and he participate in several high fashion brands now as "denim specialist" familiar with all of production process. The creativity in which fabric, silhouette and design of details is being sharpened with a carrier, and in 2017, he started as a compilation of him. Such as specializing it in the denim which is his roots, not the overall fashion brand and developing a collection, he creates "the last denim" with unmatched enthusiasm.


Graduate school: Nil 

Year established:2017


It's good to be ontime!