This new look catalogue which is the new Anno Mundi main line that we will launch in 2021 (not yet available), Different from the previous online products, now this main line has a higher price and customer base. The new Anno Mundi main line design reflects the sense of fashion pioneer style. The concept of "natural symbiosis" is combined with modern silhouette, and is bounded by precise and rational tailoring, exquisite and highly textured materials, and refined lines. The romantic feelings of the new age woman hidden in a very broad type. New series will go to the pragmatism in the season design and romance cut off, the curve of the firm and soft of night and wave and economy, explain a more multivariate feminine temperament. Contracted a soft line processing and large area of color apply, printing for the shimmering silk into surprise.



品牌主理人@朱一本科是设计系建筑会展专业,从大学开始创业,用独特的建筑视角挖掘新的服装视角,独具特色的新黑白风格理念开启了新市场。致力跟年轻群体建立具有年轻归属感的品牌联系。挑战跨专业,鼓励大学生创业,不忘学生时代初心,为更多年轻女性打造一个设计感与价格兼并的服装品牌。 Anno Mundi, which was founded in 2016 by its founder Yi Zhu. The brand tries to express and establish a connection with the self in the shelter of an absurd and romantic spirit. With sharp lines and tight textures, the desire to explore the unknown and capture abstract romance, Anno Mundi focuses on alternative interpretations of romantic imagery in an attempt to break down stereotypes of femininity. It’s good at capturing the aesthetic elements, mythology, fable, combined with women outline art with the experiment, through the delicate details send independent romantic aesthetic concept. With its unique design perspective and new black and white style concept, Anno Mundi gradually showed its advantage in the fiercely competitive online market.


Graduate school:

Year established:2015


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