The design beauty of brand N. originates from the collision of pushy female fashion and the structural content of industry and architecture. Brand N. is adept at applying the design lan-guage of structural form to the fabric texture that is more suitable for daily wear. The design style lays emphasis on the combination of fabrics with different textures. It deconstructs, re-organizes, and collides to build unexpected design and tailoring, elaborating the independent and confident ideas of contemporary women, as well as their extraordinary aesthetic taste.



Ms. Zhang Shengqin is a senior designer in the Chinese fashion industry. She has served as the brand's artistic director since the establishment of N.Paia. With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, she combines her gentle spirit and love for minimalist feminine styles into the brand's core concept of “Simplicity and Sentiment of Knitwear”. Over the years, she has traveled to Milan, Paris, Japan, South Korea and other fashion centers, drawing inspiration from art, constantly exploring and innovating in the field of design, and possessing a keen sense and unique insight into the use of materials. She loves the use of knitting and holds continuous in-depth research and development to break the inherent limitations of knitting. She advocates simple while structural lines, bold while timeless fashion silhouettes, and hopes to dress up simple and confident women in the fast-paced workplace, showing the effortless and free fashion temperament that elite women yearn for. Fashion and design have become a part of Director Zhang's life. Her attitude is synonymous with N.Paia's design, which is always full of life and new ideas.


Graduate school: 湖北美术学院 

Year established:2020


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