OINICIO was founded in Japan in 2017. The designer creates with abstract art and loves the feeling of natural fluid state. He believes that the feeling of flow is the way of artistic expression that he dreams of. The creation process excludes human consciousness and will. There is no pre-determined effect goal, which is presented in a state of unconsciousness, free and casual, to get the first impression of the idea, not forgetting the original intention. OINICIO is a niche designer brand in Japan, and the process designers studied are attracted by the flowing texture of liquid silver dissolved in high temperature. The texture is naturally random, returning to the original appearance of the object. So there was OINICIO. It is stumbling in the process of growing up, retaining emotions, but also retaining dreams and original appearance.



Wenwen Ma, studied in Japan after graduating from the China Academy of Art. The designer creates with abstract art, loves the feeling in the state of natural fluids, and thinks that the feeling of flow is the way of artistic expression that he dreams of. When creating, he excludes human consciousness and will, and there is no predetermined effect goal, which is unconscious. What is presented in the state is free and casual, so that the concept of the first impression is obtained, and the original intention is not forgotten.


Graduate school: 中国美术学院 

Year established:2017


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