ANNXU, as an independent designer brand, intends to convey a modern woman's attitude of courage to pursue a yearning for life. It is independent, delicate, feminine, and courageous. ANNXU pays close attention to the theme of the fusion of women and art, and uses art jewelry as a carrier to convey refined and relative feminism. "STRONG, SOFT" as the brand's spiritual culture is an independent personality and a soft aesthetic, and a slightly stubborn persistence. It aims to convey freedom, independence, and ostentation through sculptures that are not only jewelry but also worn on the body. Introverted and gentle emotional language, the relationship between the jewelry and the wearer is not limited to the body, but an eternal spiritual sustenance. ANNXU uses maverick artistic language to carry out diversified design creation, explores novel design fields, adheres to classic and timeless aesthetic forms, and each style has its own independent spiritual story.



Xu Anyi, independent brand designer. With a tireless look at discovering surprises, the works carry his understanding of art and life, and give vitality to the connection between the work and the wearer.She pays utmost attention to female subjects and promotes the beauty of women both hard and soft.In terms of creation, he has a keen sense of fashion and a unique perspective. The works have vitality and rich and delicate life emotions.Works have been exhibited in: Unbounded-Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennale; Contemporary International Jewelry Exhibition; Identity-Beijing International Art Biennale; "'Red" Contemporary Jewelry Joint Exhibition; China Creative Design Competition Exhibition; China Jewelry Design Competition exhibition; 《VOUGE》, 《BAZAAR》, 《GRAZIA》, 《COSMO》, 《Tmagazine》, 《NYLON》 and other magazines have published his works.


Graduate school: 北京服装学院  伦敦艺术大学 

Year established:2017


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