HERLIAN, a domestic designer brand, was founded in 2019 by a group of young fashion-loving teams. In just three years, it has passed the stage of germination to steady development. The image of innocent and intelligent HERLIAN girls is created through the fusion of girlish feeling and fun. Playful and eclectic, she captures playful and conflicting designs, while also seeking possibilities in innocence and ingenuity, elegance and wit. In the world of HERLIAN girls, clear colors and patterns infuse youth and vitality, and elegant and lively diversified amorous feelings are elusive, always holding surprises. She brings spirituality to clothing through multiple interpretation of artistic design elements, conveys beautiful and interesting exquisite lifestyle, and tells the story of “her and her and her”.



Tanya Xiong graduated from Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing in Italy, where she has participated in many projects with major luxury brands and art design awards. These include HERNO, a luxury down jacket brand, and RIFLE, an Italian denim brand etc. Art awards include ISKO Denim Design Award, Villa Noailles Art Award in France and Tencent Mobile Game Design award in China. Meanwhile she has been nominated in various projects. In 2019, POLIMOpA presented her graduation series Crown Shyness in the form of a runway show,The collection was featured in VOGUE Italia. Ting is now the chief designer of HERLIAN designer team. Zii Li graduated with honors from Wuhan Textile University with a major in Fashion Art and Design. He worked as a senior designer in a large fast fashion listed company, and co-designed the 22SS Shanghai show with SANKUANZ during his employment. He has many years of experience in commercial design of men's and women's clothing, especially in knit design. Now he is in charge of the knit design of HERLIAN designer team.


Graduate school: 意大利柏丽慕达时装学院  北京服装学院  东华大学 

Year established:2019


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