Brand Profile: CHULI SHANA is the designer who established the same name brand in May 2017. The design style is simple, casual and distinctive. With rough deduction, low-key and introverted, it presents a simple and beautiful product style. Unique design style attracts a large number of small groups with self-attitude towards life. Design philosophy: It advocates simplicity, freedom and independence. Return to nature with gentle self-confidence, accept feelings with an inclusive attitude, return to the origin of things without deliberate pleasure, nor lose oneself. Not sharp and delicate, not publicized and personality



Brand profile Chuli Shana is a designer. She established the brand of the same name in May 2017. In June of the same year, chulishana studio was established. The design style is simple, casual and distinctive. With the rough interpretation of low-key introverted, showing a simple, clumsy and beautiful product style. The unique design style has attracted many minority groups with self life attitude. Brand concept Advocate simple, casual, free and independent. Return to nature with gentle confidence, accept feelings with tolerant attitude, and return to the origin of things. Don't try to please or lose yourself. Works attitude is not sharp and delicate, not publicity and personality. Brand events Participate in China International Fashion week from March 26 to March 31, 2018. The 7th 10 + 3 showroom young designers exhibition. Interviewed by BTV Beijing Satellite TV, Youxiang TV, Youku video, China Textile Information Network and other mainstream media. 18SS "walkers" works launch launched on mainstream websites: Baidu, Sohu, Phoenix Satellite TV, fashion, Xinxun, Beijing consumer, etc. October 1-4, 18, participated in showroom of China International Fashion week. October 26-29, 18, participated in Dhub design meeting of Beijing international fashion week. On September 26, 2020, he was invited to participate in 21ss international youth fashion week. From 2019 to 2021, I will participate in Shanghai Fashion Week ontimeshow twice a year.


Graduate school: 北京印刷学院 

Year established:2017


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