From5 hopes to use "I" as the starting point and use a more concise, powerful, and warm design to let everyone "see" themselves. Experiencing, thinking, and changing, and have more real connections with the world we live in. At the same time, From5 hopes to start from "I", let more people become actors, and constantly break the boundaries. From5 can be regarded as a button and a connector, allowing more people to see things that are neglected and cherished, and also make people think about themselves with their own starting point.



Tao Brand manager Architect | Product Designer Tao has accumulated rich design and management experience in many years of architectural and interior design work. He has worked in MAD and Ole Scheeren and other internationally renowned architectural firms. In 2019, he founded the independent designer brand From5 with Ada. Extending the definition of jewelry products itself through diversified cross-border cooperation. And he committed to researching a new combination of technology and art Experience. He has profound insights into the fusion of Eastern culture and Western modern jewelry craftsmanship, which is displayed in jewelry products through delicate techniques. Ada Design manager Jewelry Designer | Graphic Designer Ada served as the designer of advertising and brand for well-known 4A advertising companies and media companies, and has unique insights into product and graphic design. In 2017, Ada crossed the boundary into the jewelry field. The enlightenment teacher was the contemporary jewelry artist Ms. Liang Li. She learned metalworking skills from a famous metalworking master in Japan. In the creation of works, she has been exploring the transformation between art and products. At the same time, she brought graphic elements into jewelry design.


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Year established:2020


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