The core theme of NOTAVOICE brand is to show the unique charm of Oriental clothing culture, using the structural design principles of the West to integrate the fabric and details of Traditional Chinese/Japanese/Korean clothing, break the boundaries of clothing culture, create a "fresh and interesting" image of new Central Asian high-order fashion women, reflect the fashion trend of future cultural integration. NOTAVOICE passion brand this season to dig the Chinese clothing culture essence, with romantic avant-garde perspective, with Europe and the United States wind profile cross-border China fabrics and design details, makes the perfect fusion between Chinese and western culture the pragmatic dress! The texture of the fabric and the shape of the structure show the unique gender flow and characteristics. NOTVOICE is the modern urban young people inner voice, not blindly follow the "wisdom", trust your judgement and feelings! The emotions expressed are "more than just a voice", lonely, proud, happy, confused, intimate, defensive, bold... Are brave to face their own! They are lively, diverse, independent, rich, life is full of fun everywhere.



Graduated from LIMKOKWING UNIVERCITY OF CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY | dress design major; From January to May 2018, I worked as sales assistant of Dior (Malaysia), understanding and mastering the design concept and consumer insight of high-end products. From January to May 2019, I worked as assistant of Fashion Design of Stya University (Malaysia), assisting teachers and guiding students to complete creative design and implementation of landing effect. Mature ability to understand and use design language and consumer language.


Graduate school: Limkokwing university 

Year established:2021


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