MOLE'NERATION perceives the state of nature and growth, explores the power of group cultural belonging and gives traditional colours a contemporary fashionable atmosphere. | The brand was established in London in 2021. Designers Jiarong and Sihui graduated from the London College of Fashion and the Central Academy of Fine Arts. The pre-collection of the first season was released at London Fashion Week. | The brand regards classic garments, professional tailoring, traditional craftsmanship, and multi-dimensional materials as the cornerstones of creating a modern fashion style, focusing on whole patterns and subtle details. | MOLE'NERATION uses unique spatial colour aesthetics and fashionable life concept: advocates the geometric spatial expression of sculptural garments; renders the flow of emotional colours; interprets the cultural temperature and the contemporaneity of the philosophical logic system, attracting groups with a sense of identity, to build The Motion of Labelling Era that belongs to our generation.



Zhao Jiarong From 2014 to 2018, she studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Fashion Design, BA. From 2020 to 2022, she studied at the University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion, and the MA in Menswear Design In 2021, she founded MOLE'NERATION, an experimental designer brand in London Yan Sihui Graduated from CAFA with a bachelor's degree in fashion design AFTER GRADUATION, She has been deeply engaged in the field of independent designer brands. She had 5 years of experience as a fashion designer, Then set up MOLE'NERATION as a co-founder.


Graduate school: 伦敦时装学院  中央美术学院 

Year established:2021


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