Brand story YUWU originates from a poem “Western Mountain” written by Wang Shizhen, born in Ming Dynasty, saying that “Along the journey stands exuberant pinales”. Just like the spirit of pinales, confronting the coldness and hotness on the hill, it grows in green in the pure sky. It is more plain than flourishing flower, receiving ever-green scene out of a moment of bloom. Chinese people have traditionally embraced pinales with a special feeling, which symbolizes a spirit of never giving up. It is well known that pine, bamboo and plum are dubbed as “three friends in the cold time”. in addition, pine trees are hermaphrodite. “YUWU”, understanding from the characters, means exuberant and straight. It harnesses the design concept of men’s clothing with a strict attitude and traditional spirit in the process, Thus cementing the position and name of the garment brand. Design style Under the design philosophy of elegant Chinese tradition, simple lines and asymmetric innovation tailoring, the designer creates a delicate, classic and unique design style to pursue a better clothing experience instead of blindly following the the fixed design belief of fashionable designer. In fact, different fabric can bring about people various experience and feeling, which is crucial to have a positive effect on the clothing design. The unique understanding of fabric apart from common fabric is a remarkable feature of the brand. Service group The women wearing “YUWU” must be confident and elegant, featuring with higher culture merits and social status, fashionable and implicit. Those gorgeous women are in pursuit of special and unique beauty and charm out of others influence, and they convey the love and influence of fashion with a unique aesthetic attitude to the world. Brand spirit Any age group. The brand embraces the world with the support of elegance, simpleness, classic and mingling concept of East and West, and it is suitable for Asian women’s body and aesthetic customs. Brand philosophy Innovation, integrity and service



Designer profile Miao Jiao Background: Obtained a bachelor degree in woman’s clothing design and pattern from ESMOD Paris in 2011, and received a master degree in advanced garment design and pattern from ESMOD Paris. Established a studio in Beijing in 2013. Registered a brand “Yuwu” in 2015. worked as a fashion designer at Alexis Mabille, Paris. Her works was exhibited at the Louvre.


Graduate school: 法国ESMOD 

Year established:2015


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