Wumen is an original independent designer jewelry brand founded in 2016. Combining the zen artistic conception of Oriental aesthetics with Nordic minimalism, and taking wood, gold and stone as expression elements, the jewelry design of "new China style" was derived. SLOGAN: For wo-man For independent woman Source of inspiration: The Chinese freehand brushwork USES the succinct brushwork to depict the artistic conception, emphasizes one kind of moderate beauty; A few strokes, ink flying, can be appropriate to express rich feelings. Wabi-sabi aesthetic culture of Japan, however, abandons ostentation and multifarious, pursues simplicity and simplicity, and advocates a kind of natural beauty. These limited Oriental aesthetic artistic conception is integrated into the jewelry, which is designed with the combination of minimalism. Wood, gold and stone are used as expression elements to give users a plain, calm and rich imagination.



MaoJing, the founder, graduated from hubei institute of fine arts industrial design major.Participated in the design of Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai world expo, and served Marc jacobs, Juciy counture, LV, COACH, Monet, EVITA PERONI yihuida, MIMCO, Folli Follie and other brands.Senior jewelry designers, headwear designers, shenzhen, guangzhou jewelry designers association members.2016 calligraphy series "zen in one day" participated in Beijing Palace Museum exhibitionIn 2017, he was hired as design consultant of FCC design center of chow tai fook.In 2018, "leshan" series design won the MIC creative master competition, an international jewelry competition.


Graduate school: 湖北美术学院 

Year established:2016


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