Our Brand
JSM was start-up in the early spring of 2018. In the process of clothing design, the pursuit of the concept of clothing beyond the clothing itself. The brand name Je Suis Moi is taken from French,meaning“ that is the way I am”. It is intended to make ordinary clothing a carrier of self-expression, while showing the external and inner self, and discovering its own variability. Je Suis Moi has its own unique design philosophy, not blindly chasing trends. Brief style, neat and spiffy tailoring; and the exquisite workmanship gently blends its design into life. The brand aims to create a modern life for contemporary women by creating a confident, unique and rigid image.



The designer graduated from the ISTITUTO MARANGONI, a major in fashion design. Her graduation work was selected into the ISTITUTO MARANGONI - LONDON Graduation Fashion Show, which received a good response. During her student life, YIYI has worked as a senior-assistant in the design department of the famous British brand “Peter Pilotto”. She is deeply involved in numerous design-related work and branding activities, and has accumulated experience and unlimited energy for creating her own brand. Her seven years of life experience in the UK has ideologically experienced the infiltration and integration of Chinese and Western cultures, and at the same time gave birth to the dream of complementing the advantages of Western culture with the Chinese arts. She is good at using different colors, texture shaping, splicing with materials, grasping details, specialize to create a rigid, independent and confident female image.


Graduate school: Istituto Marangoni / London  Istituto Marangoni / London 

Year established:2018


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