LadyS Elite

LadyS Elite is a professional hand-made women suit brand. The cutting of LadyS Elite makes the customer sexy in suit. Each piece of LadyS Elite suit is manufactured with more than 100 processes in 30 hours by hand-made tailors who have 20 years’ experience. The suits of LadyS Elite own unique S shape, adapting imported fabrics, and has become the first choice of business woman. It is also the wise choice of many celebrities in various industries.



Stephanie Zhang, independent Women’s Wear designer, is the founder and Chief Designer of LadyS Elite. Stephanie graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Master Degree. She worked for various multi-national corporations as senior branding manager, who had a deep knowledge in women’s wear in professional environment. Back to her hometown Shanghai, Stephanie started her career in bespoke industry. With 7 years’ design and branding management experience in both bespoke and MTM companies, she had grown a deep insight of suits from style to fabric. She also established a bespoke manufactory to study and serve customers with special body shape. LadyS Elite was founded in 2017 and has successfully developed into 3 series. It breaks the traditional image of business woman with advanced fashion sense and perfect hand-making process. LadyS Elite provides accessible luxury suits for independent woman nowadays.


Graduate school: 香港理工大学 

Year established:2017


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