Come se Cómo

Come se Cómo pursues the spirit of pioneering independent women, declaring that women should love themselves and listen to their inner voice, as well as encouraging women to please themselves. The brand is committed to the expression of independent women's individuality, with the belief that design can give women strength and confidence. The brand style is free, independent, self-confident, elegant and stylish. It aims to create a simple, understated and pioneering atmosphere. Adhering to the basic design concept of ‘practical and wearable’, Come se Cómo’s design is developed on the basis of classic styles, while new details are added. Each collection draws inspiration from art forms such as film, music, and painting. The brand constantly tries to integrate fashion with culture and art, thus giving fashion a new meaning. Therefore, the perfect combination of art and business is the source of infinite charm Come se Cómo exudes.



Luyang Zhao, the founder of Come Se Cómo, graduated from ESMOD International Fashion Group in 2012, winning first place in the men's fashion design with her graduation work ‘MONTAGE’. She once worked for international brands GIADA and YI. In 2016, she founded the independent designer brand Come se Cómo as the brand owner and designer.


Graduate school: ESMOD International Fashion Group 

Year established:2016


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