Based in Hong Kong, our story began as a family owned shoe factory twenty years ago, Leatherlab focuses on simplicity with a classic edge. It is in our soul to bring our expertise and passion into the design of our shoes, to strive for the best balance between comfort and style. We enjoy the process of creating a pair of shoes and hope our shoes can accompany our customers to a longer journey. We focus on the durability and mix-and-match ability of our shoes. Every pair is hand-made, and is remodeled numerously after fitting on feet to achieve to the greatest comfort. We choose high quality leather for our shoes to ensure comfortability. We also manufacture shoes for international brands as well as local designers. Our clients include brands in Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea and Hong Kong. We look forward to see our shoes to be seen in more parts of the world. 舒適和時尚之間找出一個完美的平衡點- LEATHER LAB



Designer Denise Tam gradu- ated from Bachelor of Fashion and Textile in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her own established brand - Leath- erlab manifests minimalism and casualism throughout its design. Tam has par- ticipated in shoe design since university and her love and experience for shoemaking has developed gradually into a life long career. Working between the shoe and fashion industries Tam understands a pair of great matching shoes can determine the aesthetics of an outfit. She utilizes her favour- ite architectural elements into her design collec- tion. Raw materials of ancient ruins like marble 3stone and pedestals are incorporated into the collection, which embodies divinity and vitality in the design.


Graduate school: 香港理工大學 

Year established:2012


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