AFTER THE LONG JOURNEY. IT 'S BACK TO YOUR HANDS.经历200,000公里的旅程, 內胎得到一次重生的机会,回收打造出实用单品。每件物品独一无二的内胎纹理都有它自己的一段旅程故事,与热爱生活的你共同分享… The latest environmental design products by the Re-Leaf Studio, which has developed the environmental conscious products continuously since 2005. We had developed variety of products out of paper from banana pulp and fiber. The products were developed carefully from growing banana trees on the high land area, turn them into high quality materials then manufacturedthe environmentally friendly products with such materials. We are moving forward to other steps, by looking for abandoned materials with tremendous hidden value like the car inner tubes. Our studio uses used inner tubes to develop new products such as messenger bags, Tote bags, backpacks, wallets, straps and ankle straps for cycling, etc.. We uses the inner tubes from all types of vehicles, from the smallest inner tubes of bicycle to the inner tubes of eighteen-wheel trucks and tractors, which were normally abandoned, wasted with no benefit to the world. The numbers of rubber inner tubes wasted are a huge burden on Mother Nature as the agricultural and developing countries continue using lots of tires each year.



Saroengrong Wong-Savun is an architect who is interested in environment- friendly design. After graduating from Dallas Baptist University, he started working as an architect in Dallas, Texas, for 2 years and later moved back to his hometown Chiang Mai, in the North of Thailand. He founded a studio called Re-Leaf Studio, which focuses on using waste from nature and daily life as a basis for creativity. The studio has developed a variety of products out of paper, from banana pulp and fiber. In 2010, Saroengrong started his new design studio called Rubber Killer. The philosophy is to look for abandoned materials with tremendous hidden value, like trucks’ inner tubes. Rubber Killer uses used inner tubes to develop new products such as messenger bags, tote bags, backpacks, clutch bags, wallets, notebook covers, cardholders, key rings, etc. He comes up with good design from trash because he believes that recycled materials can be used as creatively as new materials if designers understand and know how to work with them. His designs are very simple but pay great attention to details and proportion. In 8 years, Rubber Killer has recycled more than 30,000 inner tubes to produce bags and other products. Today, Rubber Killer is available in Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Shanghai, France, Germany, U.K. and U.S.A. He also has his organic farm in Chiang Mai, where he grows banana, coffee, fern vegetables, strawberry and rice. Saroengrong has a Bachelor of Architecture from Chiang Mai University and a Master in Marketing from Dallas Baptist University.


Graduate school: UNKNOWN 

Year established:2005


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