The brand has been positioned in the knitting field after several years of initial development. As an independent knitting designer brand, it is rare in the current market. One is due to our consideration of market vacancy, and the other is due to the design language and more sufficient expression space that can build the brand more completely. The brand style is positioned in a comfortable, simple and elegant , natural and environment-friendly quality. Natural tissues such as wool, cashmere and silk are used as raw materials, and modern technology with a sense of science and technology is naturally integrated into them. Brand serves modern women who pursue to express their independence and style. In spirit, the brand hopes to reach more resonance with modern women, which may come from the fields of culture and art, as well as spiritual expression. In any case, the breath conveyed by the brand is the greatest value of the brand and is also the soul of the brand's continuous pursuit.



From an early age, under the traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, I learned western professional art painting. Various cultural and artistic forms of the East and the West have continuously blended in their growth and formed a good aesthetic foundation. During my college years, I worked as an intern in independent designer brands Chictopia and Ma shama respectively. After graduation, I began to prepare my own brand of women's clothing.


Graduate school: 天津商业大学宝德学院 

Year established:2018


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