About FLONAKED In the word FLONAKED, Flo represents flower. The designer compares the world to flower, meaning that the ever-changing world is like a kaleidoscope, it can give people a lot of inspirations. The word “Naked” here it refers to a real ego, a feeling loyal to oneself. A wonderful attitude can be expressed in a free and pure manner; it is the reflection of inner personality. FLONAKED wants to deliver such a message: Living in this era, we need to be loyal to ourselves, and lead a beautiful life. The name also delivers the designer’s expectations to the brand: No matter when, designing should follow one’s heart and feelings, sticking to one’s own features while being practical. Target customers of FLONAKED are women aged from 25 to 40, who are literate, knowledgeable and chic, meanwhile bearing personality and elegant. In consideration of former working experience, we establish strict control over clothing and fabric quality. We import outstanding fabrics worldly. In addition, we think over our pattern researches and designed as well as stick to hand drawing. Every style of clothing is subject to professional quality inspection before delivery. In the meantime, we hope to demonstrate the designer and tailors’ hard work and wishes to beauty through exquisite shell fabric and workmanship.



Zhang Yunwen (Wendy Zhang), graduated from Fashion Print, Department of Clothing, London Central Saint Martins. During her study in university, she worked in various major design departments, such as Alexander McQueen, Diane Von Furstenberg and John Galliano successively, and she directly started to develop and design show costumes. Her creative works have been directly presented to Paris and New York shows for plenty of times. Because of her unique opinions and styles in fabric and printing design, Wendy set up FLONAKED studios in China and New York respectively in 2015 after accumulating various challenging and diversified work experiences in various international designer brands. In 2016, its unique and original hand-painted design has been favored by Universal Pictures in the United States. She was invited to conduct a cross-border cooperation with the highest-level designers of Universal Pictures with regard to IP-MINIONS, with the highest commercial value under Universal Pictures Brand. Then a cross-border first show of IP-MINIONS, the most attractive and topic-centered show, was held at Shanghai Fashion Week. It has been reported by various media, including Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Vantage. She has also become the first independent designer of Universal Pictures to do the show with cross-border cooperation in China.


Graduate school: 伦敦中央圣马丁 

Year established:2015


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