Maison JeSo

Jessie Shen and Olivier Caouette have a passion for fashion. Even though they had no prior fashion industry experience, they both reached senior positions in leading global jewelry groups at age 26 starting from the ground up. Jessie and Olivier have traveled and worked internationally, reflecting today’s generation in China. Their brand’s motto is “Be true to yourself.” Know who you want to be; what you want to do, and you can achieve it with diligence, practicality and intelligence. In 2014, they took the daring move to establish an affordable luxury jewelry brand Maison JeSo. Maison JeSo is for modern-day women and men who respect past tradition, but want to take life and career forward with new energy, vitality and passion to achieve what seems impossible. Any dream can be made into reality if you believe in it and strive for it with all your heart and soul. Maison JeSo is jewelery that makes a statement --- a statement of sophistication and simplicity, elegance and distinction.



Olivier Caouette is a French Canadian. From the teenage years, he entered the jewelry industry. He has served for several international leading fashion brands in the jewelry sector. After working in the jewelry industry for 15 years,he co-founded Maison JeSo with Jessie Shen in 2014.


Graduate school: University Laval Quebec 

Year established:2014


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